Episode 4 on “FUD on the hypervisor management”

Fear, uncertainty and doubt or FUD in short is a term used for companies publishing negative of false information on the competitors products. A better description can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt

A few months ago Microsoft added support for managing VMware hosts and virtual machines through System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). The SCVMM console enables the administrator to manage both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX hosts.

Episode 1

VMware is following the competition closely. One of their employees started a private blog called vCrtical (http://www.vcritical.com/about/). The articles published on this blogsite describe the shortcomings of SCVMM on the management of the VMware infrastructure.

VMware itself published comments and 6 videos under the title ‘Microsoft System Center Provides Incomplete VMware Infrastructure Support’ . See for yourself at http://www.vmware.com/technology/whyvmware/system-center.html

Episode 2:

Microsoft on their turn respond to the statements of VMware with two articles on blogs.technet.com. Here Microsoft tries to explain why SCVMM does the things it does managing VMware infrastructure.



Episode 3

Eric Gray of vCritical responds on the response of Microsoft. It is a very funny response. Mind the name used for the virtual machine shown in the screendump. Rakesh is Microsoft employee promoting the use of SCVMM on his technet blog. Earlier VMware used Microsoft executives Ballmer and Muglia as hostnames in a video explaining the shortcomings of SCVMM managing VMware infrastructure. Very funny! 😉

 vCritical SCVMM Damage Control http://www.vcritical.com/2009/03/scvmm-damage-control/

Episode 4

Eric Gray of vCritical was wonderig how many customers are actually using SCVMM to manage both Hyper-V and VMware ESX hosts. One of the comments on his blogsite was very positive about the usage of SCVMM. Eric found out the comment was actually sent using an IP-number belonging to Microsoft.

 Microsoft tries deception, gets caught http://www.vcritical.com/2009/03/microsoft-tries-deception-gets-caught/

In the meanwhile Network World published an article about their experience with integrating VMware infrastructuere with SCVMM. The results are not that good:


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