Real life experiences with Hyper-V

As a response to all the marketing FUD spread by Microsoft about Hyper-V I like to respond by some real life experiences on designing, implementing and managing Hyper-V hosts.

To start with the installation and management of Hyper-V hosts. In the document called Hyper-V Security Guide  Microsoft advises as a best practise to install Windows Server 2008 Server Core. This is the Windows Server without a graphical interface. Seems logical as the Server Core has less components than the Full install and thus reducing the risk of the server being hacked. Less software is less leaks. Also less updates needed so better uptime for the server. Great in case the server is running severall virtual servers.

After the install has finished all there is is a good old dos box. The configuration on the server has to be done using commands: rename the server, adjust the time and date, join to the domain, adjust the network configuration, install the hyper-v role, install severall updates for Hyper-V, activate the server, add users and add them to groups and add firewall rules to make remote management possible.

After that has been done, and a few reboots laters, you are ready to install the Hyper-V Vista remote management tool on your Vista workstation. To have this to work, you will need to add users, adjust firewalls, add permissions on DCOM and some more steps.

John Howard, a Microsoft employee, describes all the needed steps to configure Vista and the Hyper-V host to get remote management working. See

John decided this should be made easier and developed a tool to automate all the steps.

HVRemote can be downloaded here

Read the comments on users on the page below.

Anyone who ever installed either VMware ESX or ESXi and then added to server to the VI Client knows how simple this process was.

Just one example of how much more mature VMware’s solution is compared to Hyper-V! Just my two cents.

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