VMware Exclusive briefing Nijkerk May 12

Today I attended the VMware Exclusive Briefing in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. Strangely enough on the registration website of VMware nor in the confirmation e-mail a starting time was mentioned. It turned out the registration opens at 09:00 AM, and the key note starts at 10:00. Also an agenda was not published on the website.

The keynote was presented by a VMware executive for EMEA. She talked about the cloud and vSphere. Nothing new here. Standard marketing language we have heard before. Thereafter an interesting session about vSphere 4. A live demo was given about host profiles and hot add of memory to a virtual machine running Windows Server 2003. Also a demo was given on vApps. The next session was about storage. An engineer of VMware told about the storage enhancements in vSphere. EMC told about their new architecture V-Matrix or V-Max. A little complicated story and I believe their storage solution seems to be targeted at large enterprises and cloud providers. Thereafter NetApp presented their storage solution and how it can be integrated into vSphere.

After the lunchbreak VMware and Cisco talked about distributed Switch and the Nexus 1000V switch. The Nexus 1000V has been developed because of feedback by customers. Network management, server management and storage management are seen as different tribes. Each have their own resposibility and tasks. In ESX 3.5 the network admin cannot ‘see’ all the network traffic, especially traffic between VM’s on the same ESX host. They are also restricted in the management of the virtual switches in ESX. Certain policies cannot be set. Using Cisco Nexus 1000V switch they have the control and the command line interface they were used to in the physical world. A movie showing some demo’s of the Cisco switch was part of the presentation. Seems a usefull but also expensive addition.

The last session was given by Trend Micro. An intro was given by VMware about vShield and vSafe. Both interesting new technologies. Trend Micro talked about virusses and their new way of managing signature updates.

The presentations can be downloaded:


Scalability – vCompute – vStorage with EMC and NetAppvSphere and EMC

vSphere and NetApp

vSphere and EMC

vNetwork with Cisco

Availability and Security in a Virtualized Environment with TrendMicro

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