VMware Partner Exchange 2009 Presentations online

From April 14th till April 16th 2009 VMware hosted the Partner Exchange 2009 in Orlando, Flordia. The event is only accessible for VMware partners.

For those that were not able to attend or want to see presentations, all presentations are online at Partner Central.

The technical sessions are

Explore the growing opportunity in cloud computing and see how you can tap into this market with VMware products and programs.

TECH102: Fault Tolerance for VMware Virtual Machines

TECH103: VMware Stage and Lab Manager

TECH104: vNetwork Distributed Switching

TECH105: VMware Data Recovery

TECH106: New Storage Capabilities in ESX

TECH107: Security and Compliance for New VMware Infrastructure

TECH108: New ESXi: Plug and Play in the Datacenter

TECH109: Comprehensive Management of the Virtual Datacenter

TECH110: Green IT: Datacenter Design How VMware Uses Virtualization

TECH112: VMware Technical & Architectural Advantages -The ESX Hypervisor & VMware Infrastructure IT

TECH113: What’s New in the VMware
vCenter Server

TECH114: How to Manage Utilization and
Cost in the Virtualized Data

TECH202: SAP on VMware Deployment:
Best Practice Guidelines

TECH203:Virtualizing Microsoft SQL-
Recommendations and Best Practices

TECH204: Performance Best Practices
for the New ESX

TECH205: VMware HealthAnalyzer

TECH206: New VMware Infrastructure
Upgrade and Migration Tips

TECH207: Recommendations and Best
Practices for Deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server on VMware

TECH208: Deploying and Optimizing Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server on VMware Infrastructure

TECH209: Techniques for Troubleshooting
the Virtual Infrastructure

TECH210: VMware Stage and Lab Manager
Design and Best Practices

TECH211: New VMware Infrastructure Advance Log Analysis

TECH212: VMware Site Recovery Manager
Update and Best Practices

TECH213: VMware View 3.0 Competition

TECH214: What’s New With VMware
Virtualization Assessment

TECH302: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Architectural Design Principles

TECH303: VMware View Architecture
Design Principle

TECH304: VMware Infrastructure Architecture
Design Principles

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