Microsoft : “Video FUD by VMware” part 5 or 6, lost count

A couple of days ago this article was published on The article mentions a video posted on YouTube.The video shows several virtual machines crashing with blue screens. The virtual machines were running on Hyper-V. It turned out the video was posted on YouTube by Scott Drummonds, a VMware employee.

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Also Microsoft noticed the video.  Jeff Woolsey,  Principal Group Program Manager of Microsoft responds in an article called Hyper-V Winning Daily/VMware FUD Reaching New Heights.

Scott Drummonds responds to the video.

Jeff Woolsey responds in an blog called ‘Day Two of the Scott Drummonds VMware FUD Fiasco.’ to the response Scott Drummonds gave. He has a point in saying that VMware does not allow benchmarks to be published without prior permission of VMware. This because benchmarking is a difficult process. On the other hand, VMware posts a video without telling under what conditions the VM’s were run.

Bruce Herndon , manager of  one of the benchmarking teams at VMware explains the test results in setting the Record Straight on the Hyper-V Video . The video was made with the intention to use it internally at VMware for demo purposes. Scott Drummonds, VMware marketing, thought the video could also be published and did so by placing it at YouTube.

Another response of Microsoft by Jeff Woolsey, called “VMware FUD fiasco part 3”. This time to the article of Bruce Herndon.

vCritical comments on Microsoft’s response to the video

June 7: Jeff Woolsey of Microsoft says Microsoft did not find Hyper-V crashes during test. He asks to have the video removed

At June 10 Scott Drummonds, the poster of the video apologize for the video. The video has been removed!

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