The VMware core tax or VMware price policy

Two articles have been posted the last couple of days with quite a few of critics towards the licensing policy of VMware for vSphere 4., a well informed site, published an article on the website  titled ‘VMware customers outraged by the vSphere upgrade path’ The last lines tells a lot “No matter how many features VMware is packing in vSphere or how mature is perceived its platform: the current company behavior is pushing the customers right in the arms of the competitors. And looking at some outraged feedbacks received by lately, those customers may be happy to go.”

Microsoft’s  Jeff Woolsey, Principal Group Program Manager of Windows Server and Hyper-v, is happyly adding more oil to the fire in this article “Beware The VMware Core Tax & More” . He writes Microsoft does not charge per core but per server or processor. If you have 1,2,4 or 12 cores, the license price is the same.

Interesting battle. Curious if VMware will repond to these posts.


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