Videos from the VMware knowledgebase KBTV

VMware started a new blogsiteĀ having videos explaining steps described in VMware knowledgebase articles. The blogsite is called KBTV. As the site recently started there are not so many videos on it yet.

The videos can also be seen on the VMware YouTube channel

Videos on the site so far:

Updating VMware Tools in multiple virtual machines using the vSphere Client
Licensing VMware ESX, ESXi, vCenter Server
Recreating a missing virtual disk (VMDK) header / descriptor file for VMware ESX
How to setup a Shared Recovery Site in VMware Site Recovery Manager
How to increase the amount of RAM assigned to the VMware ESX service console
How to configure networking from the VMware ESX service console command line
How to restart management agents on a VMware ESXi host
How to commit snapshots from within the VMware ESX service console

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