PlateSpin Migrate stalls at stage 3.1.1 Creating virtual machine on ESX server (running 1% complete)

While performing a P2V job using PlateSpin Migrate, the conversion job hangs / stalls at stage 3.1.1 Creating virtual machine on ESX server (running 1% complete).

This could be caused by:

-the ESX hosts on which the target VM is hosted is a running the free ESXi edition. The API’s which are used by Platespin to create a virtual machine are not available on the free edition. The evaluation version will work and all licensed editions will obviously work as well.

-the VMware datastore is not able to store the VMDK of the target VM. If the datastore has a blocksize of 1MB, a VMDK or other file can be  256GB in size max. If a partition on the source server is larger, it will not work.

In my case, both were okay. So I deleted PlateSpin Migrate server and client, deleted the SQL Express database, deleted IIS role , deleted the Program Files folders or Platespin and SQL and rebooted.

After reboot, I disabled User Access Control and reinstalled PlateSpin. After that, the issue was gone!

It might be caused bu UAC being enabled! Platespin advises to disable UAC.

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