The Big Switch: Our New Digital Destiny

The next step after server virtualization is cloud computing. Computing will be in the future like electricity is now, an utility. More than  a hundred years ago most factories produced their own electricity. There was no method of transporting electricity over long distances. But this changed and prices for electricity centrally produced by an electric utility dropped such that producing electricity by factories was not economic anymore.

The same will be for cloudcomputing in the near future. Nicolas Carr decribes in his book titled ‘The Big Switch: Our New Digital Destiny’ about how society and economics changed when electricity became a utility and more and more appliances were available. He also describes the impact of cloudcomputing and the internet on computing.

This is a very interesting book to read. I highly recommend it to anyone willing to understand what cloud computing is about. It is not just vCloud Director or Hyper-V Cloud. It is about enonomics.

Review on the book can be found here
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