VMware Go Pro available

At January 27 2011 VMware released VMware Go Pro, a server virtualization solution targeted at small companies (Small and Medium business).  The solution is based on the free VMware vSphere Hypervizor product. The solution is most suited for small companies with a limit number of physical servers, a limited budget for IT, limited IT knowledge and limited demand for high availability for their applications.

VMware Go Pro is a new solution next to VMware Go which has been available for a while. While VMware Go is free, VMware Go Pro will cost  $29.95 per admin/month.

VMware Go and VMware Go Pro enables companies to easily deploy VMware Hypervizor on physical servers by using a webbrower. Using a wizard a CD can be created or an .ISO can be download containing the VMware Hypervizor software. After VMware Hypervizor has been installed, the server networking can be configuered. Virtual machines can be created and by using VMware Converter physical servers can be converted to virtual machines. 
A demo of VMware Go can be seen here

VMware Go Pro has additional features not available in VMware Go:

  • Secure physical and virtual infrastructure – VMware Go Pro includes a simple and affordable patch management solution specifically designed for SMBs.
  • Control software inventory and licenses – VMware Go Pro helps customers maintain control of their software inventory by scanning physical and virtual machines for software titles so IT knows exactly what exists and is in use in their environment.
  • Track and manage hardware assets – VMware Go Pro makes it easy for SMBs to track what machines exist, as well as their configuration, cost and service history so companies can have complete visibility into their IT infrastructure.
  • Streamline trouble ticket management – With VMware Go Pro, users can easily create and manage tickets as well as instantly know their due date, priority, and status. IT can also analyze past ticket reports to better understand trends and IT workload.

Both editions can be compared here

The idea behind the solution is that non IT-staff can deploy the hypervizor, install and manager virtual machines without having to invest in licenses. There is no need to buy vCenter Server. However, the solution does not offer high availability options like vMotion, HA or Fault Tolerance. It ‘s plain server virtualization.

The press release on the general availability of VMware Go Pro can be read here

More information on VMware Go Pro can be found here

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