vExpert annoucement further delayed and vExpert program news

To start with the most important news: the announcement of the vExperts for 2011 will be postponed for another two weeks. So around June 24 the results are finally there!

Thanks to he guys of vSoup which were able to interview John Troyer of VMware about the vExpert announcement.

Some info on the vExpert program: Each year, VMware designate several hundred individuals from around the world as VMware vExperts and invite them to participate in our yearly program. The vExperts are people who have gone above and beyond their day jobs in their contributions to the virtualization and VMware user community. 

This year a record  number of people filled in the nomination form. I believe around 1000. John Troyer of VMware introduced a new way of judging this year. 16 employees of VMware will look into the vExpert nominations and give their opinion. The problem is that VMware employees are usually very busy and some did not deliver their results to John in time. In fact three of four weeks after the planned announcement date still not all results are in. John needs at least three results for each nomination. So the announcement of the vExperts 2011 has been postponed for around 4 weeks. Also John has some Perl script which is used to compile the results of the jury. Getting to remember how the Perl scripts works is a bit difficult. Also some talk needs to be done with some judges about those nominees which are not a clear yes of no for their vExpert status.  Last but not least John has been away for work related trips like to Tech Field Day in Boston this  week.

So the announcement will be postponed for another two weeks from now. The results will for sure be out before VMworld 😉

There will be a special event/party for vExperts the day before VMworld USA and Europe. VMware is also working on a kind of MVP summit like Microsoft has. During a MVP summit attendees are being briefed over the latest technologies still in beta and under NDA. Some tools available for VMware partners will be made available for vExperts as well. There will be more regular events like briefings also

Listen to the Podcast here.

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