Veeam Backup & Replication v6 has been released

Veeam Backup & Replication version 6 has been released at November 30, 2011. Download can be done from this link. You will need an account.

A PDF describing all the new features can be seen here. A feature overview can be read here.
The press release about the release of version 6 can be read here.

Anton Gostev of Veeam wrote the following:

We are getting ready to make the Veeam Backup & Replication 6.0 generally available later this week. If you have not yet started learning the new v6 architecture, features and functionality – I recommend watching these 4 webinars at I have prepared most of the contents for these webinars, so they are quite technical. We had very good feedback on those from people who attended them live, many said they enjoyed the level of details. Each webinar also features live demo of the corresponding functionality, so it is not just all PowerPoint.

Me personally, I love this release – because what R&D team had managed to pull together in just over 1 year is simply incredible. Here is what I came up with while discussing the v6 architecture and intelligent load-balancing with our engineers, I think this is cool.

v6 backup proxies are like an army of drones. Create more proxies than you will ever need by putting them on your existing Windows servers, and intelligent load-balancing will be spreading the task among them as needed. Most proxies will sit there idle for months (because backup repositories can only handle as many concurrent jobs as you define), but when some proxies go down – other proxies will awake and pick up the tasks from their fallen comrades.

v6 is almost like a living creature, as it is able to adapt to the environment. For example, it does not try to use “dead” or “tired” (already loaded) “body cells” (proxy servers). Moreover, it specifically looks for “body cells” which are best suited for the task (closest to data). It also adapts instantly to outside influence (workload changes) by automatically putting more of its “body cells” into work to handle the disturbance. Think Solaris by Stanisław Lem…

Considering how dynamic virtual environments are, with VMs moving between hosts and storage all the time, would you agree these kind of capabilities are crucial for any VM backup product? Industry experts do agree, as this won us the “Best New Technology Award” at VMworld 2011. And now, the time has finally come for you to try this yourself!

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