Overview of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providers

Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS (Cloud Based Disaster Recovery or Replication to the cloud are other terms used) is a new service offered by Service Providers to deliver cost effective disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) in the cloud. Servers, storage and other infrastructure components as well as hypervisor and replication software is owned and managed by the provider. Because the infrastructure resources are shared by customers costs for DRaaS are much lower than in-house disaster recovery.

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This posting is a first attempt to provide an overview of Service Providers I am aware of which offer DRaaS. To be added to the overview the provider needs to be able to failover any serverrole to the cloud infrastructure in case of a disaster. Some providers are limited to offering DRaaS for Exchange for example.
Storing data (backup as a service) in the cloud is not DRaaS. Restoring the data back from the cloud to on-premises will take too much time generally.
Also the overview is limited to providers I am aware of providing support for VMware and/or Hyper-V

using Site Recovery Manager 5.0 
using Site Recovery Manager 5.0
using Site Recovery Manager 5.0
VeriStor using Site Recovery Manager 5.0
More on those four at vmware.com

Business Continuity Solutions Continuity Cloud using AppAssure
Sungard Recover2Cloud unknown what software is used
Doyenz Replication tool unknown but explained here
nScaled (unknown what software is used)
eVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service unknow what software is used

the Netherlands
ZX.nl using Zerto Virtual Replication
nCoActive using AppAssure (VMware and Hyper-V support as well as phyiscal servers

United Kingdom
TechQuarters using restore of backup data and replication
Virualdcs uses vSphere Replication

SaveNet Solutions using Veeam Backup & Replication

ZettaGrid using Zerto Virtual Replication (service in beta)

ermestel using VirtualSharp ReliableDR
AvantaaS using VirtualSharp ReliableDR

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