Articles on disaster recovery (as a Service)

I will  use this posting to collect links to articles on disaster recovery and disaster recovery as a service.


Cloud Comes of Age as B&R Platform on
Backup and recovery is quickly becoming the most common application on the cloud, and yet many organizations are still relying on cumbersome tape architectures as their primary fallback for the unexpected.

CIOs Plan to Increase Cloud Spending on
Six out of 10 U.S. companies already have at least one application in the cloud, and 71 percent expect to increase spending on cloud services in the next 12 months, according to a recent IDG Enterprise

Disaster Recovery on Double Duty at
Here’s how virtualization and replication technologies protect data from disaster, while keeping business services humming. Interesting and extensive article about disaster recovery solutions and what methods companies use to protect applications and data.

Rachel Dines of Forrester posted about  DR to the cloud referring to a paid report available for Forrester customer. She also did a webinar which can be seen for free. A presentation on the subject with good information including providers of Disaster Recovery services is available for download  here

Zerto has a nice regular posted item titled This Week in Disaster Recovery. It has an overview of some of the best articles found on the Internet on DR and BC. Good read to keep up to date.

Ask the Expert: Disaster recovery and the Cloud
Interesting posting about a firm which uses cloud services like Office 365. Their office suffered from power failures. Still the company was able to service customers because of 3G connections to the cloud.

It’s Time To Add Hacking Into Your Disaster Recovery Plans As A Potential Risk For

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Developing a Plan for Success
BDR in the cloud takes some new thinking — and understanding of the nuances that make that plan different from what you know in the physical world — and lots more testing to ensure a recovery goes right. First in a series.

How To Improve Disaster Recovery Preparedness
Most enterprises claim they fully exercise their disaster recovery plans at least once per year, however, evidence suggests that the majority of these exercises are not comprehensive and thorough; enterprises often just exercise a portion of the plan or a subset of applications. Here are10 best practices for updating and improving your current disaster recovery exercise program.

Disaster recovery planning in European organizations at Continuity Central
Over half of small organizations across the UK, France and Germany are operating without a formal disaster recovery plan in place, according to research from analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, sponsored by Quest Software.

Disaster Recovery is your transitional Cloud step at
The Cloud is a much feared entity but it shouldn’t be. Fear of the Cloud can cost you a lot of money and can cost you a lot of money in downtime.

Replication over WAN: Your DR is only as Good as Your Last Packet at
Recovering data quickly in the event of an emergency is inherently dependent on your network.  Replication simply won’t work if the WAN links connecting production and DR sites are down or weak.  As the discussion around DR moves to an “always-on” approach, where replication RTO/ RPO targets are minutes and even seconds, networks are feeling the heat.

VMware’s Gaetan Castelein: Transitioning to Disaster Avoidance at
The evolution of VMware’s disaster recovery guidance for customers is taking it in a direction that is actually less focused on the disaster itself, and more on business continuity. That’s changing the very economics of disaster recovery (DR) software, according to VMware infrastructure product manager Gaetan Castelein.

Storage and DR take virtualization center stage in 2012 at SearchServerVirtualization
Disaster recovery (DR) is a perennial “New Year’s resolution” for the IT industry, but new advancements in virtualization technology have observers hoping that 2012 will really be the year DR comes to the masses.

No More Excuses for Not Having Disaster Recovery in the Cloud at
Disaster recovery in cloud environments is emerging as one of the must-have tools now that enterprises are looking for more than just massively scalable data repositories.

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