Video’s of Nordic Infrastructure Conference online

For the first time, an international infrastructure conference was arranged in Norway held at Jan 13th – 14th 2012 in Oslo.
The Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2012 or NIC2012 is a two day event full of technical break-out sessions on Microsoft solutions like Windows Server, Hyper-V , System Center, Lync, Exchange, Forefront, public and private cloud  etc.

Videos of the sessions have now been posted on the website. See this link for an overview of the sessions and a link to watch the videos. Examples of sessions on Hyper-V and SCVMM 2012 are here:

Anders Ravnholt: System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager: Overview
This session will include an overview of key SCVMM 2012 key new features that include SCVMM Fabric Creation and Management, Network and Storage support, Private Cloud Creation and Delegation, and Service Creation.
Attendees will gain an understanding of VMM 2012 supported scenarios, along with an understanding of how to use these capabilities to build an on-premise private cloud.

Ronald Beekelaar: What’s new in Windows 8 Hyper-V
In this session, learn everything about the new and improved Hyper-V functionality in Windows 8 client and Windows 8 server. The new version of Hyper-V introduces several new features related to network, clustering, failover, disk management and performance. The presenter of the session is Ronald Beekelaar, a well-known Microsoft MPV in Hyper-V. The session will include demos connecting to datacenters running Windows 8 Hyper-V – as part of a project to run all the Microsoft TechEd hands-on-labs on Windows 8 Hyper-V.

Doug Hazelman: It’s a Multi-hypervisor World
Hyper-V, ESX, XEN…There’s a lot of choice when it comes to what hypervisor to run your private cloud on. Increasingly, companies that have standardized on VMware are now taking a serious look at Microsoft’s virtualization offerings.Can VMware ESX and Microsoft Windows Hyper-V coexist in the same environment? What types of challenges does a multi-hypervisor environment present?
This session will explore running both ESX and Hyper-V side-by-side, some of the management challenges and some of the offerings available from both vendors for cross-hypervisor management, including SCVMM as well as VMware’s “Fling” called vCenter XVP. Additional topics will include hypervisor differences for tasks such as copying and backing up VM’s and what you need to know if you’re a VMware administrator looking to take advantage of Hyper-V.

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