vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.0 available

At January 25 2011 VMware released vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.0  The upcomming release was announced during VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen. Read more in the Press Release.

What’s Included in the vCenter Operations Management Suite?

  • VMware vCenter Operations Manager
    VMware vCenter Operations Manager uses patented analytics
    and an integrated approach to operations management to
    provide the intelligence and visibility needed to proactively
    ensure service levels, optimum resource usage and configuration
    compliance in dynamic virtual and cloud environments.
  • VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
    VMware vCenter Configuration Manage automates
    configuration management across virtual and physical servers
    and desktops, increasing efficiency by eliminating manual,
    error-prone and time-consuming work. This enables
    enterprises to maintain continuous compliance by detecting
    changes and comparing them to configuration and security
  • VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator
    VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator automatically discovers
    and visualizes application and infrastructure dependencies. It
    provides visibility into the application services running over the
    virtual-machine infrastructure and their interrelationships for
    day-to-day operational management
  • VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager
    VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager enables accurate cost measurement, analysis and reporting of virtual machines, providing visibility into the actual cost of the virtual infrastructure required to support business services.

vCenter Operations Manager  delivers information on three metrics:

  • Health describes the current behavior of the environment and any problems that need to be addressed immediately. Health is composed of workload, anomalies and faults.  Workload is a measure of how hard the VM is working relative to the resources it wants and what it is entitled to using. Anomalies is an expression of the number of metrics trending above or below normal which is a leading indicator of upcoming performance problems, and faults is the number of “hard” thresholds that have been crossed when there is an availability issue or a hardware failure has occurred.
  • Risk describes the potential for future problems. Risk combines scores for time and capacity remaining before resources are exhausted. Risk also includes a new metric for stress which shows patterns of chronic strain. For example, during certain times of the week, there is more demand for resources in one cluster while other clusters are at or below capacity. You can use this information to optimize VM placement or to pre-allocated resources ahead of time.
  • Efficiency is a new super metric to describe optimal utilization of resources. Efficiency includes scores of reclaimable waste, such as idle, over- and under-provisioned VMs, and VM density.  VM density shows current consolidation ratio vs maximum possible ratio without performance degradation.

Pricing and Availability
The updated VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite is available in four editions (Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus) to meet the IT operations needs of customers of all sizes – from small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises.  List prices start at $50 per VM.  Updates are also available as a free upgrade for current VMware vCenter Operations customers. For more information, visit

See this video in which Kit Colbert (VMware architect) gives an overview of the VMware vCenter Operations Manager.

VMware vCenter Operations Suite 5.0 is Now Available…and Can Accelerate Your Private Cloud & Virtualization of Business Critical Apps
VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.0 now available

New VMware VCenter Ops Suite Geared More Toward Managers

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