Kaspersky Lab to Support VMware vShield for Virtual Data Centers

VMware vShield Endpoint is a middleware solution which allows vendors of anti-virus solutions to use a set of API’s to scan and detect virusses. For an overview see this FAQ.
Instead of the legacy anti-virus solutions which run inside a guest perating system (and consuming valuable CPU, memory and disk resources) vShield App does protection at the VMware kernel level. Thus reducing the resources consumption. Very important in VDI-infrastructures.

Until now Trend Micro is the only vendor delivering an anti-virus solution based on VMware vShield Endpoint. However Kaspersky Lab announced it will release a product later this year.


 Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of Internet security solutions that defend against computer viruses, spyware and all forms of malicious software, announces upcoming support for VMware vShield™ Endpoint to be delivered later this year.  Kaspersky’s support of VMware vShield Endpoint will offer comprehensive protection for virtual machines from the latest malware threats without compromising speed and performance.

VMware vShield Endpoint streamlines and accelerates antivirus and anti-malware processing. It improves performance and provides comprehensive security by eliminating the need for agents in every virtual machine. In addition, the solution optimizes resource utilization by offloading anti-virus processing to a single security virtual machine, delivered by Kaspersky Lab.

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