Next release vSphere almost ready. Release in 2012?

Stephen Herrod, CTO of VMware did a presentation for the Italian VMUG at April 4, 2012. He had a few interesting quotes which were  discovered by Microsoft in online videos.  They blogged about it here. Also The Register reported about the presentation.

Herrod says the company is “pretty much done” on the next release of vSphere and usually works on three releases at a time. 2013’s version is “pretty far along” and work has commenced on 2014’s edition. So we could see the next release of vSphere somewhere in Q4 of 2012 I guess.

What Herrod said about VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite :

“VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite is really more of a marketing term. Those of you know our products deeply know that they don’t fit this well together as they need to. Some of them have multiple databases, some don’t look the same, some install differently, and what I can’t stand that is Site Recovery Manager doesn’t currently work with vCloud Director. So, what we are basically able to say is that we created and acquired companies that led to a lot of individual products that don’t work well enough together yet.”

See the video’s of Stephen Herrod presentation at VMUG Italy here.
The slides can be downloaded here.

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