Veeam Backup & Replication v6.1 released featuring Hyper-V Instant VM Recovery plus free Edition

Today Veeam released version 6.1 of Backup & Replication. New features and enhancements are:

  • a free edition is available
  • instant VM recovery is now available for Hyper-V
  • new user  interface using a ribbon toolbar like in System Center 2012
  • Numerous enhancements (engine, logic, etc.)

Veeam Backup Free Edition
This edition will have the same functionality of Veeam FastSCP. It can be used to transfer virtual disk files and do file management. A new functionality in version 6.1 is named VeeamZIP. VeeamZip can be used to make an on-the-fly backup of a single virtual machine, just like Winzip does of folders. Using VeeamZIP (ZIP for VM’s) does not have an effect on retention policies or incremental backup scheme of the backup jobs you created in the product. Backups can be sent to USB drives, local disk or network paths. (Linux destinations are not supported on the free edition, but are supported for file operations).
Mind a backup using VeeamZIP is crash consistent using the free edition. It is not application consistent as it does not VSS to quiesce the applications running inside the guest. Backup’s using VeeamZIP in the full paid version are application consistent.

As said, the free edition is limited to a backup of a single VM. The paid version will have the ability to create  backups of mutiple VM’s in one go using VeeamZIP. There also is no PowerShel integration in the free edition.
Files can be restored from the backup file which is the same VBK filetype as currently being used. The whole VM can be restored, selected virtual machine disk files can be restore (VMX, VMDK, VHD , XML etc) or selected guest files can be restored.
The free edition also has Quick Migration for VMware. This features allows to move a virtual machine to another host just like vMotion does. It also allows to move virtual disk files to another datastore just like storage VMware vMotion does. The limitation of Veeam Quick Migration is that there is a small downtime involved. So use vMotion and Storage vMotion when you have the license. For running cheaper editions of vSphere Veeam Quick Migration might be handy!

When you like to upgrade from the free edition to the full edition a re-install is not needed. Just install the license and the full functionality becomes available.

Download of the free edition can be done here.

More info on the free edition on the Veeam site.

Instant VM recovery
Veeam introduced vPower for vSphere in version 5 of B&R. Now one of the features of vPower, Instant VM Recovery, is available for Hyper-V as well. This allows to quickly make a lost/corrupted vm operational without a timely restore operation. Veeam does this by creating a dummy VHD file which redirects I/O from the hypervisor to the backup file. The technique used is probably the same as in use by a backup solution called dBeamer!DPM. I bloged about this solution earlier.

The current 6.0 license key file can be used for the 6.1 version.

For a complete overview see this PDF  Veeam Backup & Replication What’s new in 6.1

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