VMware drivers download for HP ProLiant G8 made easy

Finding and downloading software drivers for VMware running on HP ProLiant G8 servers is made easy.

Taken from HP.com


On Monday (6/4) we released our next round of updates for new Gen8 platforms. Included in this release are:

–          New custom images (currently available at hp.com/go/esxidownload)

–          Updated drivers and FW

–          Updated management components

Customers will need these updates for use with the latest wave of Gen8 servers that have been announced.

One of the big items that I am excited about is some updates to the vibsdepot, http://vibsdepot.hp.com is now your one stop location for finding all of the software needed to run VMware on ProLiant servers. Customers are now able to get full information about which drivers and FW are supported along with downloading everything except the VMware base image from this site. Specifically the changes that we have made to vibsdepot include:

–          All HP management components and utilities available for download from vibsdepot – organized by HP release. Updated to be fully compatible with VUM and ImageBuilder.

–          All required drivers (NIC, storage…) are now available for download from vibsdepot. These are the same drivers that are included in our custom image.

–          A recipe for the correct driver and FW versions for use with VMware on ProLiant has been published on vibsdepot. This aligns with the contents of the SPP and HP custom image. It will be kept current for each SPP release and as hotfixes are released.

–          Link to location of the HP custom images

–          Link to the server support matrix

–          Link to the bill of materials of our custom image

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