Access VMware virtual machine console from any device just using a browser

Access to a VMware virtual machine console from any device can be very handy.Think about doing maintenance from your iPad at home. Think about granting an application owner access to the console without giving access and permissions to vCenter Server. Think about operating systems without a remote access protocol like RDP etc etc.

One of VMware’s employees wrote a nice program called VMware WSX (name might change later) which allows access to¬† consoles of a VMware virtual machine running on either ESX or VMware Workstation using a brower. There is no need to install any plugin or add-on. Mind the software is experimental and not supported by VMware.

WSX works best with the latest versions of Chrome 17, Firefox 10, and Safari 5 on Mac OS hosts. It requires a very modern browser that supports HTML5 with WebSockets.

While a bit buggier, it also seems to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Preview. On the tablet side, it reportedly runs well with the Apple iPad running iOS 5+, and there has been some success reported with Google Chrome and Ice Cream Sandwich on Android devices.

WSX Tech Preview 2 can be installed on Windows and Linux machines.

Much more information and download on the site of the author Christian Hammond.


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