“Happy birthday VMware, welcome Windows Server 2012!”

Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, did the keynote on the third day of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 in Toronto.The keynote can be viewed on demand here.

As usual part of his keynote is telling how wrong the competition (Google, Apple, Oracle)  is and how well Microsoft solutions are. American way of doing marketing I guess. A funny example was a video showing someone asking Siri (an Apple  application on the iPhone) what the best smartphone was. Siri’s answer was the Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone.

Anyway, part of the bashing was VMware. Microsoft started rather late with delivering a server virtualization solution.Hyper-V currently has a much lower market share than VMware vSphere. However according to a slide shown in Turner’s keynote speech market share of Hyper-V is growing much faster than VMware. VMware’s  share even dropped in Q4 according to an IDC research. (Worldwide Quarterly Server Virtualization Tracker)

Turner noted that the figures are based on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. Next year August when Hyper-V 3 has been out for almost a year the figures will even look better (for Microsoft ).

Turner invited VMware partners to look at Microsoft Hyper-V and take that road. Microsoft is determined to become the marketleader in server virtualization.

A few more quotes:

Hyper-V is third of the price of VMware

“Happy birthday VMware, welcome Windows Server 2012!

The slide below shown at Turner’s keynote shows Microsoft growing share in virtualization.

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