Issues with Apple TV 3

While Apple TV has nothing to do with virtualization some of my readers or others might benefit from my experience setting up Apple TV3.

Apple TV is a small box which is connected to a tv set and a router (using wire or wireless). It can then be used to view movies and sports streamed over the internet (Netflix for example but only available in the USA). Also content on iTunes and on your iPhone and iPad can be shown on the television. Great way to share photos for example.

Content like movies and photos are actually redirected from the iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV. So if your iPhone or iPad is out of reach of the wireless network, the content will stop playing.

To play high quality movies you will need to place them in iTunes. However iTunes does only support MP4 movie format. So to be able to play movies you will need to convert them first. That is one of the major disadvantages of the Apple TV compared to other media systems like xTreamer. For Apple TV to play any media format we have to wait for a jailbreak.

I had some issues during setup before all features were working correctly.

1. Airplay Mirroring: this features enables any content on the iPad to be shown on the television. So not only Airplay enabled apps. Mind this feature is not available on the iPad 1. Do not look for this feature on an iPad 1. This has to do with the specs of the graphics. By jailbreaking the iPad 1 you can use Airplay Mirroring. I did not try this myself.

2.Enabling the Airplay icon on the iPad. After pressing the Home button twice and swiping left to right a couple of times you get to see some controls for brightness and sound. Also the Airplay icon should be shown. For me not. I had to reboot my internet router and after that the icon was shown.

On another occasion I was missing the Airplay icon on the iPad. On iTunes on the PC the Airplay icon was shown. I started a song on iTunes redirected to the Apple TV. Soon after the iPad showed an Airplay icon as well.

It seems there is an issue with my Sitecom router (WL341 V2 003). It seems that after a reboot wireless devices are able to connect to eachother. But after a while they cannot.

3. Enabling showing iTunes content on the Apple TV. Apple TV is able to show photos , videos, podcasts from your iTunes. This is done using the configuration menu and enable Home Sharing (Thuisdeling in Dutch ) on the Apple TV as well on iTunes. However I was not able to see any content in the Computers menu on the Apple TV. Apple TV device is connected wireless. I read a couple of issues in which iPad and Apple TV cannot communicate when both are on a wireless connection. So I connected the Apple TV to an Ethernet  wire. Restarted iTunes and saw a Airplay icon. Connected the Apple TV to wireless again and then I could see my iTunes content.

So far I like the Apple TV. It is very handy to view recorded tv programs (Uitzending gemist app has Airplay) on the TV-set. Looking forward to a jailbreak for Apple TV 3 so I can use other media players like XBMC and be able to use any media format.

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