Dell EqualLogic PS-series firmware 6.0.0 EPA released

Dell released at July 23 2012 it’s newest firmware for the PS-series. Version 6.0.0 is currently in Early Production Access. For more info on what EPA is see the end of this blogposting.
6.0.0 offers some interesting new features:

  • A new replication technology, Synchronous Replication (also referred to as SyncRep) provides simultaneous writing of volume data across two different storage pools in the same PS Series group, resulting in two hardware-independent copies of volume data.Synchronous Replication is limited to groups containing six members or less.
  • Version 6.0 of the PS Series Firmware introduces support for IPsec protection for secure communications between group member arrays and also between iSCSI initiators and a group.
  • Version 6.0 of the PS Series Firmware introduces support for single sign-on, which enables users who have already logged into their PCs using Windows Active Directory (AD) credentials to log on to the Group Manager GUI without having to re-specify their AD credentials.
  • Version 6.0 supports the Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX) feature. ODX promotes rapid and efficient data transfer using intelligent storage arrays such as the PS Series storage arrays
  • lots more like Volume Undelete


Firmware can be downloaded from (account needed)

Early Product Access (EPA) is production quality software, but labeled as such to advise customers that it is newly released and has not been previously used in production by other customers. Aside from the label, an EPA release is intended to be identical to a General Availability (GA) release. Customers who install an Early Production Access firmware kit are entitled to full support, subject to the terms of their contracted Support Agreement. This firmware is expected to be the final released code; however, Dell will contact customers who have downloaded this version, in case the firmware is updated prior to GA release.

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