Possible VMware announcements at VMworld USA 2012

Each year at VMworld VMware and partners in the eco-system announces new releases, new programs, new services, other licensing etc. This year will be no different. As VMware likes to surprise (sometimes to shock see vRAM)  nothing is leaked before the event. So we have to guess what is announced at August 26-30. Below a list of what **might** be announced. Most info is from this posting at techtarget.com. Mind I do not have access to any NDA material nor others which have.

VMware announced it will announce big NEWS which will surprise many of us.  Some bloggers were invited to VMware HQ a week ago and got some insight into the announcements at VMworld. Look for a teaser at this video of Eric Sloof of ntpro.nl. It also gives some behind the scenes of VMware Communities podcast.

If you are not able to attend the keynote speech on Monday August 27 watch it live. I think most of the hot news will be presented here. Register here.  VMware’s John Troyer said there will be around 18 hours of video available to watch which is made available during VMworld.

A lot of fireworks is to be expected at VMworld 2012. The end of 2012 will see the start of a serious hypervisor and private cloud war between rivals Microsoft and VMware. While Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V became RTM 1st of August, it cannot be managed yet by System Center 2012. Microsoft customers have to wait for SC2012 SP1 to have a full, feature rich private cloud solution. I blogged about this ‘sell a car without a steering wheel’ here.
VMware will make sure to get the spotlight back on vSphere and regain focus on the ball.

This posting will be updated when more info becomes available (or forever deleted when this is turns out to be wrong ;-).)

  • a new release of VMware vSphere featuring shared nothing migration to name some.
  • VMware is getting rid of the vRAM licensing according to CRN.com
  • a new public IaaS cloud service owned and managed by VMware currently know as Project Zephyr
  • support for vCloud Director by Site Recovery Manager
  • release of VMware vCloud Director 5.1 (currently in beta)
  • replacement of VMware Data Recovery by a light edition of EMC Avamar backup solution. VDC does not seem to be a popular solution by VMware customers. CRN reports the rumour that EMC Avamar Virtual Edition will be embedded in vSphere. The software allows to backup 2 TB of data for free.
    Microsoft offers Data Protection Manager for backup of Hyper-V which is a mature backup solution. This breakout session of VMworld indicates a new backup tool.
    Greg Knieriemen has a blogposting titled VMware to Embed EMC: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on the news.

INF-BCO1361 – Backing Up VirtualMachines with VMware’s Next-Generation Backup and Recovery Solution – Everything You Need To KnowThis session is a technical deep dive on VMware’s next-generation backup and recovery solution. Details include: How the solution is deployed/installed/configured, technical details on how it works, and recommendations for successful backup and recovery of your VMware virtual machines using this new solution

  • news on Project Octopus, the Dropbox for the enterprise. It has been very silent about Octopus. CRN confirmes my thought. Read their posting titled: VMware To Reveal Details On Project Octopus Availability At VMworld
  • news on Appblast. VMware showed this new technology at VMworld 2012. Since then it has been very silent about this technology. Could it be integrated with VMware View?
  • more details on the Nicira, Log Insight and DynamicOps acquisitions.
  • news on Hands on labs going public. At VMworld 2011 it was announced that Hands on Labs would be available to anyone starting January 2012. So far this did not happen. A demo environment for a limited number of VMware partners called Virtual Customers Labs went online in Q1 2011. New this year are some short labs and Bring Your Own Device. Bring your laptop to VMworld and run labs from your device.

Update august 20: registration for Hands on Labs online can be done here.
The VMware Hands-on Labs Online – Public Beta gives you access to Hands-on Labs developed by VMware, our partners and community members.We will be opening our Public Beta for:

        • Hands-on Labs in your browser – Explore the latest VMware products at your fingertips
        • Access to the Public Beta platform using the latest VMware Cloud Infrastructure products

If you would like to test out our new portal please register to be on the list.

  • new certification(s)

Julian Wood make a nice overview of breakout sessions at VMworld USA which give more information on current and future solutions.

Daniel Kusnetzky is a distinguished analyst and the founder of the Kusnetzky Group LLC. In his blog at ZD.net titled Gazing into the VMworld 2012 crystal ball he describes announcements at VMworld.

Vendors in the VMware ecosystem are coming forward to brief Kusnetzky Group analysts about upcoming announcements at VMworld 2012. Although these conversations have taken place under a non-disclosure agreement, I can comment on the categories of things to expect at the upcoming event.

This blogposting by Ben Kepes titled A Preview of VMworld–On VMware’s Cunning Plans has a lot of interesting thoughts of what way VMware might move.

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