VMware starts public cloud test drive: vCloud Service Evaluation

VMware opened today the registration for a new service titled ‘vCloud Service Evaluation’ reports ZDnet.

Could this be the first signs of a new public cloud service VMware is rumoured to start? See this posting on Project Zephyr.

The VMware Press Release can be read here.

A VMware blog with detailled technical information can be read here.

Essentially, the vCloud Service Evaluation enables both existing and potential VMware customers with the chance to “test drive” a cloud built on the VMware vCloud platform. Evaluation access includes the full vCloud feature set as well as support for apps and virtual machines that VMware customers already have.

Users can deploy pre-built operating systems and application templates as well as use vCloud Connector to move workloads from private clouds or the VMware vSphere environment.

Once users decide they are done with the evaluation, customers have the option of using the vCloud Connector to easily migrate work to a vCloud service provider.

Customers can register for VMware vCloud Service Evaluation starting today, and beta invites will be sent out starting August 27, 2012. Pricing starts at 4 cents per hour for a Linux VM with 1GB of RAM.

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