VMware getting rid of vRAM licensing in vSphere 5.1

Today CRN.com reports that VMware will get rid of the very unpopular vRAM based licensing in the next version of vSphere. At VMworld vSphere 5.1 will be announced as reported by several sources.

A summary of the rumoured changes :

  1. vRAM licensing will  not be used in vSphere 5.1 licensing. Just per CPU
  2. All VMware solutions will be licensed per CPU, not per VM according to CRN.com
  3. a new suite named vCloud Suite with solution like SRM, vCloud Director and vSphere according Techtarget
  4. Site Recovery Manager will be unbundled from vSphere Replication according Techtarget. This posting of VMware might confirm SRM and vSphere Replication are two products now.

TechTarget has a poll on its website with the question:Are you happy to see vRAM go?

these are the results 😉

The unbundle will allow vSphere customers to do host based replication without the need to buy SRM licenses. Host based replication allows a more granular way of replication compared to storage based replication. Using vSphere Replication individual VMs can be enabled for replication while replication is storage agnostic.

vRAM has been around for about a year now. See this posting for an overview of opinions and why VMware decided to start charging the consumption of virtual memory.

vSphere 5.1 will return to a CPU licensing based on the number of physical processors.

The vRAM entitlement made vSphere much more expensive than it’s main competitor Hyper-V. Since Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V delivers almost equal functionality VMware had to do something to attract new customers and stop current customers from considering Hyper-V.

I already stated that VMware had to do something on it’s price in this posting in which vSphere 5 and Hyper-V are compared.  Personally I think (if the rumour is true)  this is very good news for customers.

Bob Plankers of lonesysadmin.net has a good posting on the knock out of the vRAM.

For detailed overview of features of vSphere 5 and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V see this posting.

For more possible announcements at VMworld 2012 see this posting titled Possible VMware announcements at VMworld USA 2012

If you are attending VMworld see this pist will all the info you need ‘VMworld USA 2012 all you need to know’

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