VMware is announcing Project Catalyst

During VMworld VMware announced Project Catalyst. I had not heard before of this project. Andre Leibovici working for VMware as View Architect, Office of CTO blogged at August 28 about Catalyst.

During VMWorld VMware is announcing Project Catalyst – an End-to-End True Secure Multi-Tenant Solution to deliver desktops from the cloud. Catalyst leverages the resource pooling, manageability and multi-tenancy provided by vCloud Director, and the desktop smarts provided by VMware View into a single secure, elastic and automated solution.

At VMware.com this can be read

Project Catalyst is a prototype of a VMware integrated end-to-end DaaS platform utilizing View and vCloud Director with full multi-tenancy, elastic resource provisioning, self-service portal operation, and more.

I could  not find any more info. We have to wait for session EUC1357 for more info.


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