VMware vSphere Client 5.1 is end of life

The VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client (aka vSphere Client) will not be available in the vSphere releases after version 5.1

This news will not come as a big surprise as VMware has been working and pushing the browser based vSphere Web Client quite a lot since its release in vSphere 5.

The Register has an interesting story about the new Flash based client titled Love vSphere? You’re going to have to love Flash too

A quote from the article:

The new web client is Apache Flex based, meaning it requires Adobe Flash to run. That little alarm that just went off in your head; it went off in mine too. To say that I am not comfortable with the idea of managing my critical network infrastructure using anything related to the bug-ridden security nightmare that is Flash is more than a mild understatement.

The vSphere Client needs to be installed on a Windows platform which makes it difficult or impossible to use on all devices and or places.

Some features in vSphere 5.1 are only available in the Web Client like enhanced vMotion (the ability to move a VM to another host without shared storage).

Also management of the new vSphere Data Protection virtual appliance can only be done using the Web Client.
Object tagging, rollback of ditributed switch settings are more features which are only available in the Web client.

Also vCenter linked-mode is not required anymore to manage all your vCenter servers. Use the new Single Sign OnĀ  to manage them all with the vSphere Web client.

The vSphere Web Client also stores your workflow and state on the server, allowing you to start a complex task sequence at work and continue it later from your home without losing your place.

The slide shown on the picture was taken during a session at VMworld USA

Picture (c) by Marco Broeken. See his website for VMworld coverage.

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