APP-BCA1751 – Virtualizing Oracle: Caging the Licensing Dragon

If your organization is using Oracle software which is running virtual or is considering you should not miss breakout session APP-BCA1751 at VMworld Europe Barcelona.

The session is scheduled at Tuesday, Oct 9, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


Every Oracle shop considering virtualization has heard stories about adverse compliance audits and unexpected licensing costs.  While deploying high-cost software products without a license compliance management strategy could be expected to lead to compliance failures, customers that understand their license agreements and manage their virtual infrastructures effectively can realize significant savings in licensing and support costs.

This session will examine Oracle licensing challenges and opportunities in the real world.  Attendees will gain an understanding of how to estimate and realizing the savings that can be achieved by virtualizing Oracle products.  Daniel Hesselink is a licensing and compliance consultant based in The Netherlands.  Donnie Hamlett represents iQuate, an ISV whose flagship product provides software inventory reports that are accepted by Oracle as accurately representing deployed Oracle products for the purposes of an Oracle license audit

Donnie Hamlett of iQuate will speak to ensuring control of a virtualized infrastructure to maintain policy decisions made by operations staff, and the potential value of real-time infrastructure analysis. Donnie will demonstrate a NEW simple tool that can show how quickly potential savings can be achieved by optimizing and managing Oracle licensing.

Jason Keogh – CTO, iQuate
Daniel Hesselink – CEO, License Consulting
Michael Webster ‏@vcdxnz001

More information on Oracle for VMware licensing in this excellent post by Michael Webster.

Viktor van den Berg went to the session at VMworld USA and wrote a blogposting about it.

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