“Storage vMotion” available in VMware vSphere 5.1 Essentials Plus kit

VMware Essentials and Essentials Plus kits are targeted at small organizations. Buying a single license enables to install ESXi on up to 3 hosts with 2 CPU’s each. Also an edition of vCenter Server is included which is limited to management of max. 3 hosts.

Storage vMotion is a feature which enables the move of virtual disk files from one datastore to another without downtime.
This feature is *not* available in Essentials or Essentials Plus kits. Storage vMotion is available in Standard and higher editions of vSphere 5.1.

However as turns out in Frank Denneman’s blog vMotion without shared storage requirement, does it have a name? if the vMotion feature is available, the vMotion without shared storage option is available as well.

Frank also explains in the post why VMware did decided not to give the vMotion without shared storage *enhancement*  a name.

The added value for customers is that those not having shared storage can move a VM instance including the virtual disk from one host to another.

The table below shows Storage vMotion is not available.


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