Microsoft Virtual Machine Migration Toolkit for VMware vSphere to Hyper-V migrations

Microsoft is doing its best to provide customers and partners with the right tools and knowledge to migrate from VMware vSphere to  Hyper-V infrastructures.

One of the challenges of this type of migration is the conversion of the virtual machines. vSphere is using a different virtual disk format and a different host-VM integration tool than Hyper-V does. So you need to do a Virtual to virtual (v2v) migration.


When doing a limited number of V2V conversions the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter tool is probably the best option.

To automatically convert 100 + virtual machine running on vSphere to Hyper-V, Microsoft has a toolkit available named Virtual Machine Migration Toolkit or VMMT. This yet not so well known toolkit is available for Microsoft Partners and Microsoft Consulting Services only. So there is no public download of this tool available which can be used by end-users!

This toolkit is to help customers migrate VMs from VMware to Hyper-V. One of the design objectives was to simplify the conversion. Knowledge of the components of the toolkit is not required. It is also designed for the enterprise. It can handle 1000s of VMs and does unattended conversions.

The current version of the toolkit is 2.0 and is composed of existing products and custom content (Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Reporter, Veeam MP for VMware , System Center Orchestrator and Virtual Machine Manager). Supported guest operating systems are Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows Server 2008, Linux (SUSE, Cent, RedHat).

The tool does an inventory of VMware VM’s, creates a backup, then will do a V2V conversion. Also it will uninstall the VMware tools, will map VMware networks to Hyper-V networks and will install the Hyper-V Integration services.

The tool does have a few limitations;

  • Limited to four virtual disks on IDE bus (V2V limit)
  • Static IP info is not automatically configured in target
  • VMs in VMware using a raw disk file-based VMDK
  • VMs in VMware with IDE Virtual Hard Disks

Hans Vredevoort blogged in 2012 about this tool here. 

Mind in 2012 the tool had limited availability in USA, Canada, Germany, UK and Australia. That is because in the non-listed countries there are no Microsoft partners available which have the knowledge to use the VMMT.

My guess is this will be change in Q1 2013 so the tool can be used by more partners in other countries.  Inovativ in the Netherlands  is probably one of them.

A recorded video of a TechEd session can be watched here. Also you will find the slides here.

Microsoft has a course availabe for partners. Details are here.

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