VMware to acquire Virsto Software

VMware today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virsto Software, a provider of software that optimizes storage performance and utilization in virtual environments.

Organizations are looking for solutions to address the increasing complexity and cost of storage within virtual and cloud environments, particularly for virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), large software development and test centers and to support business-critical applications. Virsto provides breakthrough storage optimization technologies that improve storage performance and utilization in these environments. When implemented within a VDI, Virsto can reduce the cost of storage per desktop by as much as 70 percent.

Virsto has a virtual appliance which sits between the host and the storage devices. By smart software the software is able to increase both read and write performance. Also it stores data in a very efficient way.

Use case is for VDI.

Virsto claims that for a 3000 seat VDI deployment you can get by with just 3 TB of SSD (instead of 97TB).  Pricing appears to start at $2500 per TB.

Lots of good, technical information on the blogs below.

Video by Gregg Holzrichter, Vice President of Marketing for Virsto. He explains the software.

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Virsto v2.0 for vSphere – delivers purpose-built software defined storage by Marco Broeken. Blogpost includes demos of Virsto done at Storage Field 2 in 2012.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and networked storage by Ravi Prakash

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