VMware launches Horizon Suite

VMware unveiled at February 20 a new software solution named VMware Horizon Suite. The software will be available later in Q1 2013.

The suite has three components:

  • Horizon View 5.2 (new name for View). View is software which enables virtual desktops running in the datacenter.
  • Horizon Mirage 4.0 (new name for Wanova Mirage). Mirage is used for management of physical desktops and laptops using  centralized images.
  • Horizon Workspace  (new product). Workspace has a kind of broker function. It connects  devices (smartphones, tablets, pc, laptops) with data and applications. IT Management can set policies which prevents for example copying data to the outside world. Workspace delivers both control and flexibility. Part of the features is synchronization of files like being Dropbox for enterprises. This was formerly known as Project Octopus.
    A video explaining Horizon Workspace here.


The   VMware Horizon Suite will bring together VMware’s industry-leading desktop virtualization solution and technologies VMware has built from the ground up to support a mobile, collaborative workforce, including Project Octopus, Project AppBlast, Project AppShift, VMware ThinApp, VMware Horizon Application Manager and VMware Horizon Mobile into a single, unified solution.

Project AppBlast is now the Blast protocol which is used to deliver a virtual desktop (no published applications) to any HTML5 compatible browser. No client install needed. The protocol does have a lot of restrictions compared to Citrix technologies for application and desktop delivery.  Blast was not designed as a full protocol. Its purpose is for flexible access from devices and locations where a full View Client with PCoIP isn’t practical or possible.

VMware Horizon Suite will be licensed per named user with prices starting at $300. All of the Horizon Suite products will also be sold individually.

VMware Horizon Workspace will be priced at $150 per named user

Gabe Knuth, blogger at BrianMadden.com wrote a in-depth article about the new VMware product.  VMware launches Horizon Suite, but it still has a ways to go to meet expectations. Here’s our complete analysis

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