DCIG 2013 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide

A lot of solutions are available to accelerate VDI. It is a growing and crowded market which welcomes new solutions almost every week. In just week time in February 2013 solutions were released of GreenBytes, PernixData and Atlantis Computing.  I wrote about those solution in this blogposting titled Overview of purpose-built VDI solutions to accelerate storage performance . Very recommended if you want a high level overview of all sorts of solutions.
One of the solutions is using pure muscles:  a purpose built storage array full of Flash or SSD. It is fast but also very expensive. Some of the  arrays costs the same as one or two BMW’s.
There is not much info on the internet which gives an objective overview of all major solutions. I believe the Buyer’s Guide of DCIG is a great resource if you are interested in purchasing an all Flash Array. It lists a lot of details of solutions.
DCIG is a company which analyzes software, hardware and services companies within the enterprise data storage and electronically stored information (ESI) industries.
They did a research on 34 different storage arrays having flash memory from ten (10) different storage providers.
The DCIG 2013 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide accomplishes the following objectives for end users:
  • Provides an objective, third party evaluation of Flash Memory Storage Arrays that evaluates and scores their features from an end user’s viewpoint.
  • Scores and ranks the features on each Flash Memory Storage Array based upon the criteria that matter most to end users, and presents the results in easy to understand tables so they can quickly know which Flash Memory Storage Arrays are the most appropriate for their needs.
  • Provides a standardized data sheet for each of the 34 Flash Memory Storage Arrays from 10 different storage providers so end users can do quick comparisons of the features that are supported and not supported on each Flash Memory Storage Array.
  • Provides insights into what VMware vSphere APIs the Flash Memory Storage Arrays offer to optimize their VMware environments.
  • Gives any organization a solid foundation for getting competitive bids from different providers of Flash Memory Storage Arrays that are “apples-to-apples” comparisons.
The DCIG 2013 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide is immediately available. It may be downloaded for no charge with registration.

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