VMware to become a public cloud service provider: announcing vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware today announced it is expecting to launch a new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform named VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Q2 2013.

This post explains what vCloud Hybrid Service is and will explain the setup. For IT staff wanting to learn public cloud using vCloud Connector the vCloud Hybrid Service is a great way to start. You do not need to get hardware, spent time on installation and configuration. Just register and play with it.

Until now VMware was a vendor of software which enables private and public clouds and much more. The IaaS offering is done by VMware vCloud service providers. However VMware believes the adoption of public clouds which are using VMware vCloud Director and other VMware solutions does not progress fast enough. It also sees Amazon and others  increase their market share in the IaaS space using non VMware software. There is a lot of competition.

It is a bit like a potato’s farmer does not see  the wanted growth in number of McDonalds and Burger King outlets so decides to start a fast food chain itself to keep the potato farming going!

The competition immediately responded with a campaign. See this Microsoft page:


So VMware will offer and operate its own public cloud. It is labeled a hybrid cloud because it can easily be connected to any private cloud running VMware software. It will not only just offer virtual hardware on which cloudconsumers can built their operating system and applications. vCloud Hybrid service offers a lot of virtual appliances which have preinstalled development tools, CRM tools or webpublishing tools. Examples of such turn key available tools are :

Ruby on Rails Web Application, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, SugarCRM, Redmin, Tomcat, Alfresco , Gallery , Tracks , phpBB, MediaWiki. See the screendump below for a complete overview.


VMware today announced its intensions. vCloud Hybrid Service will go into GA in Q2 2013.

Until then, VMware vCloud Hybrid Cloud can be evaluated starting March 13 for free during 90 days. The registration is easy: go to https://vcloudservice.vmware.com/starteval , fill in name, company, email address and telephone number. No credit card needed. Soon after you will receive an email and a order number on your mobile phone. After confirming the order number another email will be sent containing username and password.  The portal says you have to wait 15 minutes for provisioning. In practice it can take one to two hours before you are able to log in.


The  free 90-day Test Drive includes everything you need to get started in the cloud:
•Windows or Linux OS
•2 VM’s/2 CPU’s
•50 GB Disk

The image below shows the operating systems which are available as a template.


It is also possible to connect a private VMware vSphere cloud to the vCloud Hybrid Service using vCloud Connector. This allows  moving your workload in – or out – with vCloud Connector!

Setup of a virtual machine is pretty straightforward. Basically a next next finish job. It is handy to understand what a vApp is. After creation of a VM has finished, you can use the remote console. You will have to install the VMware Remote Console Plug-in to be able to use the remote console. Installing means closing Internet Explorer.

To change the properties of the virtual machine, go to the ‘ View in vCloud Director’ tab, select VMs, select the server name and right mouse click. Then select properties.

Frequently Asked Questions on vCloud Hybrid Service are answered here. 

Forrester has an in-depth review of this future new service titled VMware Takes the Cover Off Its Public Cloud

Gartner also writes about VMware’s intention: VMware Will be a Public Cloud IaaS Provider

Soon after the announcement Microsoft responded in a blogposting stating VMware has a zig-zag strategy, is rearranging the furniture and does not know how to operate a cloud.


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