Avoid iTunes and use an easy way to copy files from your pc to iPad, iPhone & iPod

I ‘ve never been a big fan of Apple iTunes software. In particular the way files from a Windows PC are copied to the iPad/iPhone/iPod, or to an application (for example PDF of Divx video files) installed on such a device is totally not  intuitive. iTunes user interface is a nightmare. No, I am not an 77 old man but someone with quite some experience in using pc’s and applications. Maybe over the years I am losing patience with rubbish software. Patience is what you need to manage iTunes.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if I could help her putting some MP3 music files on her iPhone. Sure, no  problem but I forgot it needs bloody iTunes for transferring. I installed iTunes and tried to synchronize, not wanting to delete any of the photos on her device. To make a long story short: I gave up. No patience to handle this poorly designed user interface.

So I started to look for iTunes alternatives. There are quite a few. Some free, some ask an amount of money after a trial period.

One of the best programs I found was Phone Stick made by a company called Softorino. The software can initially be used as evaluation and you get 1 GB of transfer for free. An additional 1 GB of transfer is given for free when you Like Softorino on Facebook.

Transferring files is very easy:

Install Phone Stick, connect the iPad, iPhone or iPod using an USB cable to your Windows pc. Select the mount button next to Media. Then your Windows PC will get an new drive letter. You simply browse to the music folder and start copy/paste files from Windows Explorer. I like it that the folder structure you use on the Pc is maintained in the explorer view of the iPad.

It is also possible to use the iPad/iPhone/iPod as an USB device. Simple mount it as USB Stick and you get an additional drive letter.


I installed Phone Stick on a Windows 8 laptop and had no problems at all. Program felt very robust, has a very easy user interface and does its job great.


A Phone Stick license which can be installed on one Windows PC costs $19,95 while a license which can be installed on max 5 PC’s costs $29,95.



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