Citrix CloudBridge connects private cloud with Windows Azure

Citrix released at February 15 a technical preview of a new product named Citrix CloudBridge. The product, available as a hardware or software appliance can be used to connect enterprise datacenters to cloud infrastructures like Microsoft Windows Azure.

With the help of this kind of solutions the hybrid cloud becomes reality.

This technology preview offers standard based secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure. With this enhancement, a customer can  connect their enterprise data center to the Azure VPN gateway and access the IaaS and PaaS offerings from Microsoft.Citrix-cloudbridge-for-azure

The following are the key points to note :

  • Secure L3 connection to Azure VPN gateway
  • CloudBridge deployment on the enterprise data center only. It is not running inside Azure
  • No WAN Optimization or L2 extension supported in this solution since it needs deployment of CloudBridge on the Azure end as well.


CloudBridge provides connectivity between your enterprise datacenters and the Microsoft cloud hosting provider, Azure, making Azure a seamless extension of the enterprise network. CloudBridge encrypts the connection between the enterprise datacenter and Azure cloud so that all data transferred between the two is secure. CloudBridge is a complete network solution—available as a standalone physical or virtual appliance, or integrated into NetScaler Platinum edition—enabling enterprises to transparently shift web and application servers to the cloud while keeping the database safely within the enterprise datacenter.


The CloudBrige software appliance (CloudBridge VPX) can currently only be run on Citrix XenServer hypervisor (xva image). I guess support for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere will be added soon as those have the largest marketshare in enterprise infrastructures.

The CloudBridge MPX is the hardware appliance. For setting up a CloudBridge tunnel between your datacenter and Azure, you must install CloudBridge VPX/MPX in your datacenter, configure Microsoft Azure for the CloudBridge tunnel, and then configure the CloudBridge appliance in the data center for the CloudBridge tunnel.

The image below shows the Azure Management Portal with a configured secure connection between the private datacenter and Windows Azure.


Click here to download CloudBridge for Microsoft Azure (requires a valid account)

Go to the CloudBridge discussion forum to get help from the community.

For additional questions on CloudBridge, please contact


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