Virtual lab for replicas announced as new Veeam Backup & Replication v7 feature

In Q3 2013 Veeam will introduce Veeam Backup & Replication (B&R) version 7. In the meanwhile Veeam has announced some of the new features. See this posting for an overview of previously announced features; support for tape one of them!

Today Veeam announced another feature to be introduced in v7 of Veeam B&R : Virtual lab for replicas. This feature will be available for VMware only for the time being.

Veeam B&R has two methods to protect applications: backup and replication. Backup stores the data in a backup repository. Replication creates another virtual machine in another location which is ready to make operational without a restore.
It is not about the backup or replica, it is about being able to successfully restore the application/data. Since Veeam B&R v5 a feature named ‘SureBackup’  is available which verifies backup jobs. The SureBackup process starts the VM from the backup repository in an isolated network. Veeam B&R full automates verifies if the VM is able to start. The result is written to a logfile, can be sent by email etc.

Veeam B&R v7 introduces a feature named SureReplica which does the same for replicas: verify that a replica of a VM can be made operational successfully. SureReplica verifies if the VM starts, if the operating system starts and if the applications behave like expected. All is reported in a log and by email.

U-AIR for replicas is also a new feature. It allows granular item-level recovery of any application and provides wizards for SQL Server, Exchange and Active Directory. This without the need for agents. U-AIR is already available in current versions of Veeam B&R for virtual machine data stored in the backup repository.

The On demand sandbox allows administrators to test software updates on replicas before putting those on production servers. This is a very efficient, low-cost alternative to having a dedicated infrastructure for testing.

A short video explaining the new Virtual Lab for Replicas can be watched here. 
See also the Veeam blog for more information on this feature.

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