VMware starts new marketing campaign against Microsoft Hyper-V

Once in a while either Microsoft or VMware starts a marketing campaign against the other competitor. We have seen many of those campaigns Microsoft last year run the VM limited campaign using a guy called Ted. The website vm-limited.com directs now to another campagne. 

There was an action by Microsoft during VMworld Las Vegas in which the company gave flyers on the street. This was the VMwareCostsWayTooMuch.com campagne.

Back in 2009 the rivals started to downgrade the competition exactly as American marketing is done. I blogged several times about this. Read Episode 4 on “FUD on the hypervisor management”  and in a blog here Microsoft : “Video FUD by VMware” part 5 or 6, lost count

VMware has been running the Get the Facts campagne for quite some time now.

So far VMware was the most polite in the campaigns and responded on blogs. They explained Microsoft was using wrong calculations.
Now VMware seems to be more aggressive and starts to mirror the rude Microsoft campaigns.

Today VMware seems to put some new fuel on the fire with a series of 4 videos posted on Vimeo. The series are titled ‘ Polygraph Test’  which is a Lie Detector. The four videos shows a detective interviewing a Hyper-V engineer which is connected to a lie detector. Each wrong answer, like “Hyper-V is the best”, results in a loud beep.

The 4 videos are titled ‘ built for the future, maximum uptime, virtualize everything and Total cost of ownership.

Watch them here:




Total Cost of Ownership from Polygraph Test on Vimeo.

Built for the Future from Polygraph Test on Vimeo.

Maximum Uptime from Polygraph Test on Vimeo.

Virtualize Everything from Polygraph Test on Vimeo.

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