New cloudservice SkySight enables the power of AND

Enabling hybrid cloud is one of Microsoft’s main strategies. The company strongly focusses on combining the strengths of public cloud with those of private cloud. Microsoft calls this the ‘Power of AND’.  The vision is delivered by Microsoft Cloud OS. Cloud OS is the combination of Windows Server, System Center and Windows Azure.

Capgemini, a large IT company with the  HQ in France, recently launched a new cloud orchestration service named SkySight which kind of glues together enterprise’s own datacenters, Capgemini operated datacenters and Microsoft Windows Azure datacenters to a single pool of resources.  I believe this is the first solution offered by Capgemini focused on Infrastructure as a Service.

SkySight will implement hybrid cloud environments using core Microsoft cloud technologies including Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012 and Windows Azure. It will include a portfolio of cloud-based application and infrastructure services through the SkySight Enterprise Applications Store.

The orchestration service is developed by Capgemini.

This portfolio will include Microsoft SharePoint, messaging, collaboration, Microsoft Lync, testing platforms, high performance computing platforms, compute capacity, and storage capacity.

The first release of SkySight will support for running testing platform in hybrid cloud infrastructures.

I have only seen press releases and not much info revealing what is happening ‘under the hood’ . I understand Capgemini offers a self service portal named the Enterprise Application Store. End users can deploy applications and virtual machines using this portal. The Capgemini developed Orchestration Service will then kick in. Based on policies set by the customer the orchestration service will deploy the application either on-premise, in a Capgemini datacenter or in Windows Azure. Examples of such policies could be: must run in private cloud because of legislation, must have a SLA of 99,99%, must have a RTO of 1 minute, deploy to the cheapest cloud, etc

SkySight is expected to be generally available in the UK, Netherlands and France by the end of September 2013, offering public, private and hybrid cloud services. It will be launched in the US at the same time, however only public cloud services will be available initially.



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