VMware Horizon Mirage 4.2.3 released

VMware released VMware Horizon Mirage 4.2.3 at August 6. It contains bug fixes and some new features.

VMware Horizon Mirage offers a unique solution for managing physical laptops  and desktops that combines centralized management for IT and local execution for  end users. When Mirage is installed on a Windows PC, it centralizes a complete  virtual copy of that end point to the data center and keeps it synchronized. The  synchronization includes changes from a user’s Windows PC being uploaded to the  data center, and changes from IT being downloaded and applied directly to the  user’s Windows PC. Horizon Mirage enables central image management of desktops while  still allowing local execution at the user end point.

Whats new

Horizon Mirage 4.2.3 is a maintenance release focused on internal mechanisms to enable better handling of storage disconnects. This version provides the following new features and improvements:

  • Better storage disconnects handling – Horizon Mirage servers now identify high load conditions on storage that can cause disconnects  and can throttle down to allow storage utilization to return to normal.
  • SSL configuration option in Horizon Mirage server installation – The IT manager can now configure SSL communication during server installation. There is no need to perform this operation with the Management console after installing.
  • CE calculator – A new tool enables VMware personnel to better estimate Horizon Mirage centralization process requirements.  The calculator estimates the network resources and storage that will be required and the time that the centralization will take.
  • Branch reflector enhancements – The IT manager can better design and monitor branch reflector deployment  by simulating the branch reflector selection on endpoints.  The IT manager can now click any device from the Management console and see if it has a branch reflector in its vicinity.

Read the release notes here.

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