An overview of all VMworld 2013 announcements

Each year VMware announces a lot of new products and services at VMworld. This years announcements are:

  1. vSphere 5.5. Four new features, no price changes
  2. vCloud Suite 5.5. No price changes, new features like automation and monitoring added in all three editions.
  3. VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) 1.0 is now Generally available
  4. vCloud Director 5.5
  5. Single Sign On 2.0
  6. vSphere Data Protection Advanced
  7. vSphere Replication  5.5
  8. Site Recovery Manager 5.5
  9. vCloud Planner 1.0
  10. A new series of exams in the VMware Certified Associate family.
  11. VMware NSX
  12. Virtual SAN / VSAN 1.0. New product. Is a separate license.
  13. vCenter Orchestrator 5.5. more info here.
  14. vCloud Networking and Security 5.5
  15. vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.6

If you want to see the keynotes:

The Monday General Session with Pat Gelsinger can be seen here.

The Tuesday keynote with Carl Eschenbach and Kit Colbert is here at YouTube.

In this blog post I will shortly discuss all the announcements made at VMworld. Many more details are published in separate posts on my site. See the links  further down in this blogpost.

Keep an eye on this post as I will frequently update it when more news becomes available.

VMware vSphere 5.5
Starting with the news that vSphere 5.5 will be the next version of VMware server virtualization solution. It has 4 new features which are available in the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus Edition. It also has a lot of enhancements and changes in the licensing

  1. Reliable Memory
  2. Flash Read Cache
  3. Virtual SAN
  4. Big Data Extensions.

An long waited improvement of ESXi is that VMDK files now can be as large as 62 TB on NFS and VMFS 5.
vCenter Server 5.5 has a few enhancements. The appliance is much more scaleable. Finally vCenter databases running on Oracle RAC or Microsoft Failover Clustering are now officially supported by VMware Support. Before it was supported on best effort base.

No news on the support of multiple vCPUs in vSphere Fault Tolerance. Two years ago there was a technical preview at VMworld. At VMworld 2013 again is a session about this topic. I guess vSphere 6.0 will have Symmetric Multi-Processing FT.

Read much more details on VMware vSphere 5.5 in this post.

vCloud Suite 5.5
vCloud Suite has some new additions. vCloud Automation Center is now available in all vCloud Edition however the available features vary per edition.vCloud Automation Center used to be a product available in  a single edition. Now there are three editions. vCloud Automation Center Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.

  • vCloud Automation Center  Standard edition has a basic self service feature of vCAC
  • vCloud Automation Center  Advanced Edition now have the features of the existing vCAC
  • vCloud Automation Center Enterprise Edition has vCAC plus vFabric Application Director for Release automation.

vCloud Director and vCloud Networking and Security are not sold as standalone products anymore.

All editions of the vcloud Suite include now automation features (offered by vCAC) and operations management (by vCOPS) . Mind there is no price change.

Read much more detail on VMware vCloud Suite in this post.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is a new VMware owned and operated public Infrastructure as a Service cloud based on vSphere and vCloud Suite software. It tightly integrates with on-premise infrastructures. Customers can very easily move virtual machines between their on-premise datacenter and vCHS datacenters.

The service will not only provide virtual servers IaaS in 6 datacenters located in the US. It will also provide

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service, (DRaaS). vCHS datacenters can be used as a target for VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Platform as a Service: support of Cloud Foundry.
  • Desktop as a Service. Virtual desktops managed by VMware view can run in vCHS datacenters. This is very interesting as Microsoft does not allow the usage of virtual desktops running Windows client OS in a multitenant infrastructure. Even the usage of a single storage array by multple VDI tenants is not allowed.

More in this post.

VMware Single Sign On
VMware Single Sign On (SSO) is a totally rewritten product. It enables single sign on to a couple of VMware solutions part of the vCloud suite. Many customers experienced issues with the SSO product in vSphere 5.1. VMware deciced to rewrite the SSO software from bottom up using VMware engineeers (SSO in vSphere 5.1 was bought from another vendor (OEM-ed). This results in a much better product.

more info on SSO 2.0 here.

vSphere Replication
vSphere Replication has a few enhancements like supporting VSAN now. It is also possible to go back in time with point in time replicas which go back as far as 20 versions.

more info here.

Site Recovery Manager 5.5
Site Recovery Manager 5.5 also has a few new features. Not very spectacular though. Most are in vSphere Replication

vCloud Planner
vCloud Planner is a new webbased assessment tool which helps current VMware customers calculate cost savings when they migrate from a virtual infrastructure to a VMware vCloud Suite. The tool is delivered via VMware partners.
More info in this post.

VMware NSX is a new offering which has network virtualization capabilities based on the Nicira acquisition. It will be available in Q4 but only deployed by VMware Consultancy.

VMware VSAN 1.0 is a new software solution which creates highly available shared storage out of local storage. It is integrated in vSphere but needs a separate license. So it is not part of vSphere or the vCloud Suite.
Details on VSAN are here.

vCloud Director 5.5 what is New in this post.

vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.6 is a minor feature release focused on improving the overall installation and setup experience based on customer feedback:

  • •Installation workflows for the active and passive nodes have been consolidated, removing unnecessary screens, and improving overall intuitiveness of the user experience
  • •Additional improvements include a complete rework of the Administration Guide to align with vSphere Web Client key workflows such as Monitor, Manage and Diagnostics

New certifications
Some new exams are available in the VMware Certified Associate family. There has been for a couple of years only one exam: VMware Certified Associate 4 – Desktop (VCA4-DT).
new are:

  • VCA-DCV = VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals
  • VCA-Cloud = VMware Cloud Fundamentals
  • VCA-WM = VMware Workplace Mobility Fundamentals
  • VCA-NV = VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals

more info in this post.

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