VMware Desktop as a Service will be powered by Desktone

It has been known for a while now that VMware will be operating it’s own public cloud  Infrastructure as a Service offering. The service named vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) will be general available in September 2013. Initially available in 6 datacenters in the US, it will  soon be available in other regions as well.

The main difference between  vCHS and to-be main competitors Windows Azure and Amazon is that vCHS is designed as a true extension of an on-premise Enterprise cloud runing vSphere. VMs can easily be moved from and to vCHS without modifications. It is also possible to ship VM’s on external media to one of the datacenters. Something Azure does not offer at the moment.

VMware surprised many yesterday when it announced vCHS will not only provide IaaS but also provide Desktop as a Service, Platform as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service

The VMware pressrelease says:

VMware Horizon View™ Desktop-as-a-Service:Customers will be able to run Horizon View Desktops on vCloud Hybrid Service, and rapidly deploy new desktops without the expense and effort of procuring and managing physical hardware.

Today it became clear that Desktone will be powering the DaaS service of VMware. Desktone has been doing DaaS for around 6 years now.

You can listen to Brian Madden podcast here. He has an interview with Scott Davis, EUC CTO at VMware in which Desktone is discussed.

Actually Desktone invented the term DaaS and has the trademark. Brian Madden has a lot of postings on Desktone.

Desktone sells their DaaS solution via service providers and not directly to the organization which consumes the DaaS service. So VMware probably does a kind of whitelabling. Dell, HP, Verizon are examples of Desktone resellers.

The benefit of the VMware VHCS is that both servers and desktops can be running in the same datacenter.

VMware move to DaaS is not unexpected. Rival Microsoft is rumoured to make a DaaS service available on the Azure platform. According ZDnet Project Mohoro will be ready in the second half of 2014.

Recently Microsoft and Citrix announced Citrix XenDesktop can be used in Azure to host virtual desktops. See the news here. 

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