StarWind V8 Beta available

StarWind Software presents the new version of its main storage virtualization solution – StarWind iSCSI SAN 8.0 (beta version) – now improved with new Log-Structured File System (LSFS), which delivers high performance for random write access patterns, eliminating I/O blender effect in virtualized environments; Flash Cache, which ensures 10x faster performance; and super simple and clean user interface.

Jake Rutski did some testing of the V8. See his blogpost here.

New Features and Improvements in Beta-1

  • New Log-structured File System container:
    LSFS container implements thin-provisioning, snapshots and optional online deduplication features.  Synchronous replication for high availability can be configured for a LSFS device. Snapshots are replicated too.
    LSFS device is flash-friendly. It eliminates multiple rewrites of same data blocks.
    LSFS provides high performance for random write access patterns, eliminating I/O blender effect in virtualized environments.
  • Flash cache:
    L2 cache can be used with LSFS or flat storage devices for acceleration.
  • Management console:
    User interface has been reworked to provide super simple and clean user experience.
  • Default storage pool path can be set up for the server. This path will be used for all new devices.
  • New simple device creation wizard allows create virtual device with target in three steps.
    High availability device can be created from any existing device by adding replication partner through replication manager.
    Network settings for replication can be changed on fly without rebuilding replication partners.

Beta 2 will have the following new features added:

  • Massive scale-out up to unlimited number of nodes
  • Virtual tape library (VTL)
  • Asynchronous replication

Installation notes

Installation: Previous versions can be updated by installing this version over the existing installation.
Warning: Mirror, IBV and Deduplication devices of version 6.x and earlier versions have limited support in v8.0! Data from existing Mirror, IBV and Deduplication devices must be migrated to new ImageFile or LSFS devices after installation.
Use replication manager to add synchronous replication functionality for your device. Use LSFS virtual device type when thin-provisioning and snapshots features are needed.
Please, take the following steps to update the existing HA devices:
1. To prevent data loss, disconnect clients from HA (if it is possible).
2. Update StarWind service on the first HA node. Wait until the service starts. At this step the HA node is unable to synchronize its HA devices and is not accepting the client connections. Client requests are processed by the second HA node. The next step will disconnect the existing client connections.
3. Update the StarWind service on the second HA node. Wait until the service starts.
4. Start synchronization on the first HA node. The second node changes its state to “ready” and starts processing client connections. Now, you can safely connect to the HA device.
5. Wait for synchronization to finish. Now the first HA node can process the client connections too.

StarWind 8.0 beta is ready for download from the following link:

and its license key: … _beta8.swk

SMI-S Provider (compatible with Windows 2012R2 + SCVMM 2012 only): … 3_beta.exe

and configuration guide … -SMI-S.pdf

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