What it takes to write a book on IT

As you might know currently I am authoring a book on Microsoft hybrid cloud. The book will explain Windows Azure IaaS and how to connect on-premise Windows Server/System Center infrastructures to Windows Azure to create a hybrid cloud. The book will discuss cloud computing, Microsoft Cloud OS, Azure datacenters, VPN, PowerShell, Hyper-V Recovery Manager, App Controller, StorSimple,  Windows Azure Pack, billing, costs structure, administration, monitoring and much, much more.

In a series of blogpostings I will describe my experiences in writing this book. This first blog in the serie will give you an indication about the tasks involved in writing a book.

One thing to consider when wanting to write a book yourself: it will take LOTS of time.

Things I did/ do to write the book:

  • discuss contract and content with the publisher
  • discuss with girlfriend about sponsoring 😉
  • create the outline. This provides the publisher an indication about content,
  • do research on content for the book.
  • install software in testlab. Create screendumps etc.
  • write first draft of chapters
  • search for reviewers
  • contact with Microsoft
  • write TIS. This has description of the author and content of the book. Used for publication at sites like Amazon.com
  • write bio used in book.
  • fill in invoice forms for publisher. During severall stages of the book an invoice is sent.
  • create images
  • contact with publisher with questions on reviewing etc
  • contact with reviewers
  • process reviews made by publisher and reviewers
  • monitor status of delivery of reviews
  • write blog for promotion
  • write final draft of chapters

Hope this gives an impression of the amount of work. My book will have about 250 pages. I estimate I will need about 200-250 hours to do all the tasks involved in writing the book.


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