VMware VSAN will be GA in the week of March 10. Licensing per socket or desktop

During a special webinar at March 6 VMware announced the general availability of Virtual SAN (VSAN). VSAN 1.0 will be available in the week of March 10.

If you are unaware of VSAN: It is probably the product which release got the most attention other than that of vSphere. VSAN offers SAN-features using server based storage.

Benefits of VSAN are:

  • Reduce investment costs by using cheap low cost storage instead of expensive SAN
  • Pay as you grow model instead of large upfront investments. If you need more storage capacity simply add SDD or HDD instead of having to buy a new SAN extension.
  • It lowers operational costs because it is simple to use, does not require a storage administrator and has increased automation

VSAN can be implemented in two ways: either select your own choice of hardware based on the special VSAN HCL or select from 16 preconfigured VSAN Ready nodes available from  IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu and Dell. HP and others are expected to deliver VSAN Ready nodes at GA or sometime later.

At least three nodes are required. The maximum number of nodes in a VSAN 1.0 cluster is 32.

vSphere 5.5 Update 1 will support VSAN GA. I will not be surprised if Update 1 is released at the same time as VSAN.

Cormac Hogan and Duncan Epping are writing a book on VSAN to be published by VMware Press. Release date is expected before VMworld. More details at ntpro.nl

VMware will announce pricing at GA.

The Register did some research and found several pricelists mentioning Virtual SAN. It seems VSAN  can be purchased in two ways:

  • per CPU socket. Commercial listprice is around US $ 3100.- excluding Support and Subscription. Academic and VMware Volume Purchasing prices are lower.
  • per desktop. A 1o pack VSAN desktop will cost around US $ 600,-

<update>VSAN went GA at March 12. Pricing is now made public. See for an overview this post.

There will be some special offers for VSAN:

-customers using the beta will receive a discount of 20%.

-customers using VMware Virtual Storage Appliance will get reduced pricing when they upgrade to VSAN.

VMware release a new VSAN Design and Sizing Guide edition March 2014 which can be downloaded here.

VMware has a free Hands-on Lab (HOL)available which enables you to play and explorer with VMware VSAN. No need to have hardware, software and licenses. The HOL is running in the cloud.

More information:

This is a very good post by Chad Sakac. It provides some different views on two VMware statements on VSAN. Chad states:

It IS NOT an accurate statement to say that VSAN is “better” or “performs better” because it’s embedded in the kernel.

It IS NOT an accurate statement to say (as a general statement) that VSAN is lower CAPEX than external storage – though it IS accurate that it offers a compelling CAPEX picture in many use cases.

Cormac Hogan – Virtual SAN (VSAN) Announcement Review

Duncan Epping – VMware Virtual SAN launch and book pre-announcement!

Ivo Beerens – VMware VSAN Launch Q&A

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