Citrix App Controller Devices tab shows no listed devices

Citrix App Controller enables publication and access control of many types of applications to mobile devices. Administrators can publish iOS & Android apps, Windows applications published as published application by Citrix XenApp, full SBC/VDI desktops and SaaS based web applications.

App Controller also handles single sign on to on-premise applications (like XenApp published applications) and internet SaaS application using NetScaler. Authentication to Active Directory is done once at deployment of the Worx Home app. Additionally authentications can be forced by having the enduser type in a pincode at the mobile device.


Connectivity between the mobile device and Citrix App Controller is done via the Worx Home app. Worx Home also starts the Citrix receiver or WorxWeb app.

Citrix App Controller allows to selectively wipe  applications and erase associated data located on the mobile device.

App Controller can also be used to lock access to company published apps and applications. For instance when the device is lost. When the owner of the devices leaves the organization the IT department wants to erase company apps and data. While private apps and data installed by the user  remain accessible. Perfect for a BYOD scenario.


Locking apps and erase of data is done from the Devices tab in Citrix App Controller. However when selecting this tab initially no devices are listed.

citrix App controller


To show devices registered in App Controller, simply type in an user id or device name in the search field. Or just type in the letter ‘a’. It willl show all devices registered by WorxHome into App Controller having letter ‘a’ in one of the fields.

To make sure Worx Home succesfully registered the mobile device in App Controller, take the mobile device and start Worx Home app. Select the user id shown in the upper left corner. Select Account. You will see a devicename listed (like iPad (4). This device should be visible in App Controller as well.



This Citrix post shows info on locking and erasing data.

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