VMware rebrands vCHS to vCloud Air.

VMware’s public IaaS offering vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) has been rebranded to vCloud Air end of August. The press release can be read here. VMware states

 “a name change  that illustrates VMware’s firm commitment to innovation and delivering value added as-a-service solutions on top of its hybrid cloud infrastructure.”


As vCHS is a hard to pronounce abbreviation many people called the cloud service ‘vCheese’. Cheesy is Amerikaan slang for lame like  not good stuff.

So that is probably the reason for the name change. Some people were not impressed by the name name. Main critics are that the name very much looks like Apple products (MacBook Air, iPad Air


A test drive of vCloud Air is availble using Hands-on Labs. No credit card required. More info here.

In other vCloud Air news, VMware now supports running Ubuntu as a guest operating system on vCloud Air.

vCloud Air is expanding outside the US and UK. It will be available in a single datacenter in Japan in Q1 2015. Also VMware is expanding in China and Australia according the Register.

At July 22 VMware announced it has opened a second UK datacenter located in Chessington. This complements the vCloud Air datacenter in Slough near London which was opened in October 2013.

A recently released video showing a vCloud Air datacenter can be seen here.

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