Who is partnering with who in the hyper-converged market

With the announcement of VMware EVO:RAIL the market for hyper-converged systems gets even more attention. Many companies are partnering with eachother to get more synergy.

This short blogpost provides an overview of the major players and their partners.


  • Hardware and software are sold as a single SKU by Nutanix
  • Dell recently announced it will ship Nutanix NOS software installed on Dell hardware


  • VMware does not sell hardware
  • EVO:RAIL is software supplied by VMware to hardware partners. Currently EVO:RAIL appliances are offered by Supermicro, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur and Net One. More partners to announced soon 


Atlantis Computing 

  • Atlantis does not sell hardware. Only software
  • Partners with Cisco to provide a reference architecture with UCS and Atlantis ILIO

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